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  • 4 Feb

This website is a small representation of things i have been implementing in the outside world and a small prototype of connecting the outside world (Environment) to virtual world.

This website tries to bring ‘hyper-responsive’ or ‘Context Awareness’ to reality. You would see when you entered the website it automatically determined your location and based on that information it has changed the background and colors to arranging current environment situations around you.

It automatically shows you the current temperature – your city name (not always precise) and allows you to also show precise location (GPS BASED) aware changes as well. You could also visit/change your location to different regions to check how their environment currently looks like.

Without writing a really long blog i would like end this post informing about the long beginning i am about to start :). I hope you would like the content and things posted around by open source contributors.

See you again soon.


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