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Context Awareness to reality #IoT

This website is a small representation of things i have been implementing in the outside world and a small prototype of connecting the outside world (Environment) to virtual world. This website tries to bring 'hyper-responsive' or 'Context Awareness' to reality. You would see when you entered the website it automatically determined your location and based on that information it has changed the background and colors to arranging current environment situations around you. It automatically shows you the current temperature - your city name (not always precise) and allows you to also show pr[...]


Taskite is task management application which helps you organize tasks and save them for future purposes. Features Include : - Adding / Editing / Deleting Tasks. - Scheduling a reminder on web and mobile about your task. - Adding a picture or video to your task. - Getting directions and map view for your tasks. - Adding Company, Projects and people to your related tasks. Application is available on Android - iPhone & as a chrome extension.

Where In The World I am

Where in the world i am is a location based application dedicated to users who like visiting new places and discovering new things around them. Its very much context aware about things around you and helps to add new places and store them for future references. It also allows you to add friends and share your stored places with them for future references. This application is available on iPhone , Android and Web.


Mylikeshare is a social sharing website dedicated to user who like sharing videos , images , quotes and things around the internet. Mylikeshare has a extension version where you can post places and images with ability to edit online (Meme Creator) . Website Url : http://mylikeshare.com/


mymobshare is mobile news sharing website . Its a community driven website target towards users who are passionate about mobile softwares, games and multimedia. Its a custom forum built from scratch with innovative options requested by users. Website Url : http://mymobshare.com/
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